Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Winter Blues

The Fall is here! and with it preparations for Thanksgiving and then Christmas and all the fun associated with it! yet, for some of us Fall and Winter are dreaded times.

As if having depression is not enough the whether decides to mirror our low moods. The skies get gray, the trees loose their leaves, etc, etc. Sometimes for a depressed person getting out of bed is hard enough with take the sunrise out of the equation and it just gets harder!

what is a person with depression to do? the following things have helped me:

1) get a light for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), you can find some in amazon. They can be expensive but they are worth it.

2) excercise!! you know the deal, endomorphines, body image... it is always a good thing to do!

2) make a list of things that you love about the season and remember them often. Maybe seeing your children at the pumpkin patch, the changing liturgy at Church, etc...

3) practice comtemplative prayer. The world is slowing down. Beauty is hidden under layers of cold and grey, but very much present in the cold and crisp snow, in the winter birds, in the silence of nature. Contemplate and find God in them. Approach the warmth of His heart, hidden under the layers of cold winter.

Happy Fall & Winter to all! :)


JoannaB said...

Yesterday morning I was depressed about being depressed! LOL However I love the autumn weather, the smell of wet leaves and wrapping up in scarves and gloves. By February though my mood can drop, after we have had little sunshine for three months. I must invest in a light box - I could set it up by my computer! I find vitamins help, echinacae for warding off colds and vitamin C and Zinc which work together. And if you are not on any prescriptive medicine - St John's Wort is very good throughout the winter period. You can't take it if you are already on antu-depressants though. I love Christmas so that is good and though we don't get it much down here in the South I love the snow. However if it is too heavy and I am cooped up inside for a long period then I have to don my wellies and go for a walk. Going for walks in the daylight in the winter as much as possible is a good thing.

PPZ said...

I enjoy your blog and have added your site to mine. Thank you for your courage.