Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Beginning

Hello people of the world!I am a young faithful mexican catholic twenty-something girl. Luv the Lord, the outdoors, sunny days, friends and family, volunteering, the Sound of Music, painting, writing and animals.

I also was recently diagnosed with OCD, depression and anxiety disorder...yeah... not cool...

I carried this "Crown of Thorns" for about 5 years in silence. Only recently have I found out that "it" had a name. And with that knowledge the long road of the dark unknown what-the-heck-is-wrong-with-me road finished and the lets-get-this-fixed journey began.

I've been very blessed. When I didn't even know what "this" was and I just simply thought I was completely messed up I had a Faithful Friend by my side.


Christ, since my earliest childhood, has been my Sweet Companion. My Faithful Friend, my Heart. And when this thing fell over me he became my Guardian and my Guide.

Of course I asked for a miracle. I even went to pilgrimages asking for it...but He called me down a different path.The Ordinary Path.The Ordinary Path of Healing. The path of humility, of accepting brokenness, of finally breaking the silence and talking with a priest and then to a therapist, the courage to talk to my family and friends about it.

He indeed worked a Miracle. The miracle of giving me the courage of walking down this Path. It is a path of humility, of accepting brokenness, of accepting help. Of looking at this monster in the eye and laughing out loud at it. And since it is a continuous fight against despair it is, by its very nature a Path of Joy!

And because Christ has the power to Redeem everything, this will become a tool of Compassion and Service for others. I want to share with you writings of the Saints, notes and random things that have given me courage and that might help you also.

In my weakness I will be strong!And so, I invite you to share on this walk with Christ to redeem this terrible Crown of Thorns into the Crown of Glory!


Ruth said...

I'm so happy to find your blog- I love the Sound of Music too :) This is a wonderful blog to start- I'm going to link to you from Wheelie Catholic.

PPZ said...

Love your blog. may the Presence of God surround You.