Wednesday, August 20, 2008

USEful suffering

How to make your suffering USEful:

Union. unite yourself to the suffering Christ through prayer, unite yourself through those suffering like you or more than you and offer your sufferings for them.

Service. serve those who suffer in a similar way. This suffering if carried in a healthy way will bring you to be more open to the emotional needs of others. You will understand what it means to be confused, afraid or in the verge of despair, and you will be able to provide the same support that you have received. If you are not able to serve others through active ministry you can always pray for people offering your sufferings. That is also service!

Evangelization. If you suffer patiently, lovingly and hand in hand with Christ you will be a sign of the power of Christ over pain and suffering. People will see how you carry your crown of thorns with patience, love and prayer and be inspired. Maybe later on the Lord will call you to share it as a testimony of his Mercy.

Do not despair my Sister! Do not feel defeated my Brother! Your suffering, with Christ, has meaning and is useful! If you choose to walk this this dark Valley with Him your suffering will have great meaning, just like His!


Adrienne said...

Rosario - Thanks for visiting me today. I have read all your posts and you are wise beyond your years.

I used to suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. It was never so severe that I had to "breathe into a bag", so to speak, but it did impact my life somewhat. I am also a bit OCD, also not to a severe degree. And, of course, I am a drunk with ADD. What fun!

I long ago quit being so touchy about my defects and instead find great humor in some of the things I do. One of my favorite programs is Monk, about a detective with OCD. Sometimes when I am doing OCD type things my hubby calls it "having a Monk moment."

Check back later tonight. I will do a bit of an advertisement for you..... Right now I'm headed to Costco. Yea!!!

Jackie Parkes said...

What a great blog! just what I needed! Perhaps you might add my blog to your links as I suffer with these conditions..I will add yours..

Rosario said...

Thanks gals! Its very encouraging to see comments ;)

Adrienne...Monk is one of my favorite shows too, ha! And I have linked you in my blog

Jackie... you are officially in the blogroll :) woo hoo!